A Father’s Love is Tested in Showtime’s Let the Right One In Trailer

Parents often say they will do anything for their children. Next month, Showtime will put that promise to the test with Let the Right One In, a new series based on John Ajvide Lindqvist’s acclaimed horror novel. The 2008 film adaptation and Matt Reeves’ 2010 American remake were both praised for staying close to the author’s classic story. Regardless, showrunner Andrew Hinderaker may test his audience’s patience this fall by making a few big changes to the source material. Namely, the young vampire girl’s guardian is her real biological father. This shifts the narrative’s focus onto their own complicated relationship, the ups and downs of which are on display in the series’ new full-length trailer.

In previous versions, the vampire’s guardian usually ventured out at night to kill unsuspecting strangers and satisfy his charge’s bloodlust. But in this incarnation, Mark (Demián Bichir) periodically drains his own blood as well. This results in an usual bond with his daughter, Eleanor (Madison Taylor Baez), who became a vampire 10 years earlier. Since then, the pair have been on the run, traveling from city to city in search of a cure. But once they move into a new apartment complex, they encounter unprecedented obstacles. Shockingly, these include several other bloodsuckers infecting the town’s inhabitants.

You can watch the show’s latest trailer in the player below.

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Eleanor’s relationship with a young boy who lives in her building will also factor into the series, just as it did in Lindqvist’s novel and its cinematic counterparts. In fact, there’s even a specific dialogue exchange that’s lifted straight from both adaptations. But for the most part, it appears that this narrative thread will take a backseat to Mark’s storyline, which examines how far a father will go to keep his daughter safe.

Let the Right One In will premiere on Showtime on October 7.

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