Report: HBO Max’s Titans and Doom Patrol May Face Cancellation

The new Warner Bros. Discovery regime didn’t waste much time before cancelling HBO Max’s Batgirl movie and taking a massive loss on the project for a tax write-off. This has understandably caused some concern from fans of DC’s other projects on HBO Max. The Strange Adventures anthology has already been cut from from the lineup, although Green Lantern is reportedly alive. However, the news may not be good for HBO Max’s Titans and Doom Patrol. According to a report by Variety, both shows are “also said to be on the chopping block.”

Titans and Doom Patrol are both holdovers from DC Universe, the short-lived streaming service that was supposed to be the home of all things DC. When HBO Max came along, most of DC Universe’s shows transferred over. The good news is that both series were already renewed for a fourth season, which should still premiere on HBO Max. Beyond that, their future is uncertain.

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Variety’s report indicates that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO has ambitions to make “DC’s film and TV efforts from a confederation of semi-integrated productions into a single, MCU-style creative endeavor.” That would be hard, considering that HBO Max’s upcoming slate of The Batman‘s Penguin spinoff and Peacemaker season 2 have nothing to do with each other. Doom Patrol and Titans share a loose continuity at best, although the Doom Patrol guest-starred in Titans season 1.

Curiously, the report also notes that The Batman 2 hasn’t been given an official greenlight. Beyond the upcoming DC film slate, only Joker: Folie à Deux has a greenlight for its 2024 release. Additionally, Variety floated Arrowverse veteran Greg Berlanti as Zaslov’s potential “Kevin Feige,” but the report cast doubt on whether Berlanti would want to oversee all of the DC projects in the way that Feige does for Marvel.

HBO Max hasn’t set a date for the fourth seasons of Titans or Doom Patrol yet. But they could premiere as soon as this year.

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