AMC’s Tales of the Walking Dead Promo Reveals a Not-So-Beautiful Place

“Do you want to try something new?” is the question that Blair (Parker Posey) asks her fellow apocalypse survivor, Gina (Jillian Bell) at the start of AMC’s new promo for Tales of the Walking Dead. But it could also serve as a mission statement for the latest installment of the network’s long-running horror franchise. After nearly 12 years of undead mayhem, zombie killing can get pretty stale. But Tales makes a convincing case that it’s ready to shake up the traditional Walking Dead formula when it premieres next month.

The upcoming anthology series will have six episodes, each of which will feature a different group of survivors. Most of these characters are brand new to the Walking Dead universe and feature several top-notch cast members. The promo is relatively short at just 30 seconds long. Regardless, it still manages to tease a few of the disparate personalities viewers will meet over the course of the spinoff’s first season.

You can check out the new preview for the series below.

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AMC will most likely have a full-length trailer to screen in time for Tales’ Comic-Con panel on Friday, July 22. But for now, there’s plenty of excitement to look forward to. In addition to Posey and Bell’s characters, Anthony Edwards appears as Dr. Chauncey Everett, a naturalist whose spent the last 10 years of the zombie outbreak in “voluntary” solitude. Eventually, an “extroverted survivor” named Amy (Poppy Liu) crosses Chauncey’s path, calling his own morality into question. Also appearing in the series are Daniella Pineda, Olivia Munn, and Terry Crews, the latter of whom will get to share the screen with an adorable baby goat.

However, the series’ biggest draw is the return of Samantha Morton’s Alpha, the main antagonist from The Walking Dead’s 9th and 10th seasons. Although the flagship series gave us a basic rundown of Alpha’s origins, it looks like the new show will fill in more of the blanks. Namely, by showing Alpha teaching her daughter, Lydia, how to evade walkers.

Tales of the Walking Dead will premiere on AMC on August 14.

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