Westworld Cast Members Look Ahead To Season 4

Tonight, the two-year hiatus of Westworld will come to an end with the season 4 premiere on HBO. Appropriately enough, there will also be a built-in gap of time between seasons 3 and 4 within the show itself. And it’s an entirely different world than the one viewers saw in 2020. During a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, cast member Aaron Paul revealed that Westworld season 4 takes place seven years after season 3. He also indicated that his character, Caleb, has undergone some major life changes in the intervening years. Westworld cast members.

“When you are reintroduced to Caleb, you see him seven years post the finale of season three, and you realize that he’s married, he has a beautiful little girl,” explained Paul. “I have a little daughter myself, and I try not to dive into my personal life when tackling something, but you could definitely see some of my true raw emotions bleed through because of my own journey. [Caleb] being a father is a massive part of his trajectory this season and it’s what kind of gives him hope and purpose to march on.”

Showrunner Alison Schapker also indicated that Caleb’s fatherhood, and parenthood in general, will be one of the core themes this season.

“The show is always questioning what’s real, and what’s important, and in some ways, I think, for children to be our cornerstones is very relatable, whether it’s a human or a host,” said Schapker. “There’s something almost ineffably real about that relationship. Children give you something to fight for and something to live for and I don’t think that’s confined to Westworld, but I think we know that and we wanted that investment.”

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In the third season finale, Ed Harris’ Man in Black/William was seemingly killed by his own android double. Regardless, Harris promised viewers that the new season will be more easily understandable than some of the previous seasons.

“I think season four is a little easier to grasp what’s happening — what the sides are, who’s trying to do what,” noted Harris. “I think it’s a little clearer than season three, which to me, was very confusing because there were so many dimensions and it really could be anybody. That’s still the case, but it doesn’t get quite as complicated.”

While the narrative may be more straightforward, Schapker told THR that the show is still designed to raise questions.

“We always want everyone to question the nature of their own reality,” related Schapker. “And I think that there’s no way to watch the series and not find yourself again and again questioning the assumptions we make, stories we tell ourselves and is that really real or is there something beneath this surface?”

Westworld season 4 will premiere tonight on HBO and HBO Max.

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