There’s Something Wrong With the World In New Westworld Season 4 Trailer

There’s Something Wrong With the World In New Westworld Trailer

It’s almost time to question the nature of your reality again. In exactly ten days, Westworld will return for its fourth season on HBO. Back in season 3, Dolores “died,” or whatever the equivalent of death is among the android hosts. Dolores’ actions destroyed the program that was holding humanity’s destiny in its hands. However, the new vision of the future seems anything but free in the latest trailer for Westworld season 4. And there’s a woman/host walking around with Dolores’ face and body. New Westworld.

Who is this new model android that looks exactly like Evan Rachel Wood? During a recent appearance at ATX Television Festival, Wood revealed that her new character is named Christina. And in the trailer below, Christina doesn’t seem to know that she’s a host. Regardless, she can sense that there’s something wrong with the world around her. And it may be her job to fix it.

There’s also the unlikely pairing of Maeve and Caleb as they venture into a new android theme park, including the areas they shouldn’t have seen.

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Additionally, Ed Harris’ Man in Black/William is now a pawn of Charlotte Hale. Or more accurately, the android that looks like Charlotte Hale. She’s got a plan to use the Man in Black like he abused her kind for years. William may not have his free will anymore, but he remains a deadly enforcer.

Finally, Bernard is back to make some sense of this world. He may even hold the key to saving it, if he can survive.

Westworld season 4 will premiere on HBO and HBO Max on June 26.

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