Ms. Marvel Co-Creator Reveals Iman Vellani’s Marvel Fandom

Once Moon Knight wraps up its six-episode run, it won’t be long before another new Marvel superhero begins her own MCU journey. Aside from introducing Disney+ subscribers to Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel will also mark the acting debut of Iman Vellani. And just like her comic book counterpart, Vellani was a fan of all things Marvel long before she was cast in the upcoming series. Ms. Marvel co-creator.

Kamala’s co-creator Sana Amanat is an executive producer on Ms. Marvel. And according Amanat, Vellani’s real-life enthusiasm for the MCU played a big part in helping her clinch the title role. While speaking with Empire, Amanat recalled one of her earliest meetings with the young actress, and it sounds like her Marvel fandom was obvious from the get-go.

“She showed me every corner of her room, and it was covered with Avengers,” recalled Amanat. “Then she said, ‘Oh wait, I’m not done’, opened up her closet, and there was more Marvel everywhere. [Kamala] isn’t your traditional Avenger. She’s not as slick and suave as some superheroes. It’s not like when Captain America throws his shield and it comes back. She’s all over the place. I’m excited for people to get to know her.”

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In the comics, Kamala was obsessed was Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel even before she gained her Inhuman stretching powers. But although the series is making tweaks to the character’s origin, her idolization of Carol remains intact. Empire also revealed a new photo from the series that shows Kamala and her friend, Bruno (Matt Lintz) at an Avengers convention in New Jersey.

“[Vellani] gave me a list of feedback on every single Marvel movie,” continued Amanat. “Kevin Feige is like her Carol Danvers.”

Ms. Marvel will premiere on Disney+ on June 8.

Are you happy to hear that Vellani is also a Marvel fan in real life? Let us know in the comments down below!

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