Halo Director Breaks Down Several Scenes in a New Episode 3 Featurette

Though fans are split on its deviations from the source material, there’s no denying that a lot of work went into Paramount+’s Halo adaptation. Creating the series required a team of technical wizards to bring the iconic video games to life. Now, we have an inside-look at the artistic process for one of the show’s visionary directors. Paramount+ has released a new featurette where Halo director Roel Reiné, who helmed the second block of episodes for the series, dissects a handful of scenes from last week’s installment.

In the video, Reiné gives us a tour of his office, which has storyboards and concept art tacked onto every wall in order to help him visualize the show’s action. He starts off by explaining how he went about directing the scene in episode 3 where Cortana helps Master Chief remove the emotional suppressor pellet from his spine. Apparently, the script called for Dr. Halsey’s A.I. creation to show up in the mirror. But it was Reiné’s idea to have her materialize behind him “in the normal space.”

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Reiné also brings us to the planet Oban, which appeared at the beginning of the episode for a flashback scene involving Makee (Charlie Murphy). As a child, Makee scavenges on the planet’s garbage-laden surface. And according to Reiné, this was very much inspired by Pixar’s WALL-E. New behind-the-scenes footage also reveals the actors playing the Sangheili (Elites) via motion capture suits. Additionally, Reiné explains how he uses toys to pitch the VFX team on how he wants more expansive shots to look. Overall, it doesn’t sound like he’s kidding when he calls it “the best job in the world.”

The next episode of Halo will premiere this Thursday, April 14 on Paramount+.

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