Paramount+ Puts Halo’s First Episode Online For Free

Longtime Halo players finally have a live-action update of the hit sci-fi series on their hands. But although they need a Paramount+ subscription in order to see it, the show’s pilot has just made its way onto YouTube. In an effort to convince viewers to spend $4.99 a month for another streaming service, the studio has released Halo’s first episode online at no extra cost.

Networks that fall under the Paramount Global umbrella aren’t strangers to releasing full premiere episodes on YouTube. Right now, viewers can stream the first episodes of Showtime’s Super Pumped and UFO, among others. But Halo is a completely different beast. The show came with a built-in fanbase, so it was bound to attract viewers regardless. However, there was undoubtedly a lot of pressure to do right by the characters, especially given how long the project was stuck in development hell. And clearly, Paramount+ was hoping the series could drive up its subscriber base. The series was originally slated to air on Showtime before moving to the streaming service last year.

You can watch the the Halo premiere below.

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So far, reviews for Halo have been mostly positive, with several critics praising the action and performances. Assuming Paramount+ is trustworthy, the show gave the streaming service its most-watched series premiere when it finally aired last week. A second season is also currently in development with David Wiener taking over as showrunner.

The first two episodes of Halo are currently streaming on Paramont+. The next episode will air next Thursday, April 7.

Are you excited to give the series a chance? Let us know in the comment section below!

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