Greg Nicotero is Directing The Walking Dead’s Series Finale

The Walking Dead arguably wouldn’t be the cultural phenomenon that it is without Greg Nicotero and his team designing the show’s zombies every week. Over the last 11 years, Nicotero has gone from being the series’ lead makeup artist to one of its go-to directors and executive producers. Now, he’s leading the charge on its upcoming swan song. According to, Nicotero will direct the series finale of The Walking Dead.

Nicotero has been a prolific makeup artist for decades. He was mentored by George A. Romero and Tom Savini on the set of 1985’s Day of the Dead. Although he’s mainly known for his work in the horror genre, he has also collaborated with Quentin Tarantino and worked on superhero projects like Suicide Squad and HBO’s Watchmen limited series. His work on The Walking Dead previously won him two Primetime Emmy Awards in 2011 and 2012.

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In 2012, Nicotero made his directorial debut on The Walking Dead with the 11th episode of season 2. Since then, he has helmed more than 30 additional episodes of the series, the latest of which aired back in September as part of the ongoing 11th season. Nicotero is also the creator of The Walking Dead: Webisodes as well as Shudder’s Creepshow revival.

AMC still hasn’t announced an air date for The Walking Dead’s series finale. However, the show’s next episode airs this Sunday, March 20.

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