The Boys Spinoff Loses Aimee Carrero and Shane Paul McGhie

It’s been ages since we’ve heard any updates on Amazon’s proposed spinoff of The Boys. However, the new series has just lost two of its leads. Deadline is reporting that Aimee Carrero and Shane Paul McGhie have both made the decision to exit the show.

The upcoming spinoff takes place at a college bankrolled by Vought International for young superhumans to learn how to harness their powers. Carrero and McGhie were two of the first actors to join the spinoff almost a full year ago. Amazon didn’t share many details about their characters, but they were confirmed to be playing up-and-coming supes alongside other actors including Lizzie Broadway, Jaz Sinclair, and Reina Hardesty.

Apparently, the “long process to get the spinoff to production” is partially to blame for Carrero and McGhie’s departures. Because of the long wait, both actors pursued other jobs. Carrero in particular recently booked roles in Paramount+’s The Offer and a series regular role in Amazon’s The Consultant. Deadline’s sources also claim that McGhie’s character has undergone significant changes since Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters took over as showrunners.

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Craig Rosenberg, a writer and executive producer on the parent series, conceived the spinoff and wrote the pilot episode. But he eventually left over creative differences with the studio. The project got an official series order back in September. Around this time, Fazekas and Butters officially came aboard as showrunners and executive producers. The report also confirms that Carrero and McGhie’s roles will be recast. Regardless, McGhie could play another character in The Boys universe down the line.

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