John de Lancie Discusses Q’s Role in Picard Season 2

The letter Q has become much maligned of late by association with online conspiracies that claim to know everything. But to Star Trek fans it will always represent an outsider who actually does know everything…he thinks. Since the debut of Star Trek: The Next Generation, John de Lancie has portrayed the arrogant alien Q. Initially an outright adversary of the Federation, the all-powerful being grows into a grudging respect for its most prominent captains. And with today’s debut of Picard season 2, he’s back.

Fans will be glad to know it’s not just a cameo, as de Lancie tells The Hollywood Reporter he’s in six of the ten episodes. And the loquacious alien isn’t all talk, either. “I did have to readjust because I thought it would be like before, wall-to-wall words with just me and Patrick [Stewart],” he says. “And when I got there, I realized that just cannot be the case. I tried to get an overview and not just an egocentric view of it. And I said, ‘This makes sense. I am getting the ball rolling.'” Learning to take a less egocentric view certainly sounds like the kind of journey Q usually needs, as well.

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Despite his immortality, Q will appear age-appropriate for the actor himself. And that means less form-fitting attire than the classic Starfleet uniform. Recalls de Lancie of his initial conversation with showrunner Terry Matalas, “I said, ‘I just have a preliminary question: You’re not putting me in tights again, are you?’ And Terry goes, ‘Oh, no, no, no.’ I said, ‘OK. We can proceed.'”

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