Star Trek: Picard Producers Look Ahead To Season 3

In just over a month, Star Trek: Picard will return for a second season on Paramount+. However, the third season recently resumed production after a COVID-19 shutdown. And Star Trek: Picard executive producers Terry Matalas and Akiva Goldsman are already looking ahead to the third season. During a new interview with SFX Magazine, Matalas went so far as to describe season 3 as “game-changing.” Picard producers. 

“Definitely in season three, there are some game-changing Star Trek universe ideas,” said Matalas. “Season two, as epic in scope as it is, is an intimate story.”

Additionally, Matalas suggested that the third season of Picard will include some callbacks to the original cast movies.

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“There are a few nods to the Kirk movies,” noted Matalas. “I grew up with the original series and the Kirk movies. That’s my Star Trek. So you’ll see a few of those things kind of tie some Star Trek together. And I think Akiva has constructed a really fascinating and heartbreaking psychological exploration of Picard that no one is expecting.”

Star Trek: Picard season 2 launches on Paramount+ on March 3. Presumably, season 3 will follow in 2023.

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