The Cuphead Show! on Netflix Releases First Trailer and Images

Cuphead became a phenomenon as a video game in part by resembling a cartoon that looked like it existed decades ago. It never actually did, of course. Rather, it evoked the style of old Fleischer brothers cartoons like vintage Popeye and Betty Boop. But now, thanks, to Netflix, it actually will be a cartoon. And presumably unlike the game, the lead character won’t die 188 times because of how difficult the boss battles are. Viewers can instead sit back and watch Cuphead get himself out of tight situations, when The Cuphead Show! debuts Feb. 18.

The animation style isn’t a perfect match to the game, using thinner linework than the classic “rubber hose” style. That aside, however, the character designs look on point, and several depth effects enhance the otherwise 2-D characters and situations. As in the game, Cuphead and Mugman seem to run afoul of the devil — this time at a carnival rather than a casino.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Here’s Netflix’s official synopsis: “The Cuphead Show! is a character-driven comedy series following the unique misadventures of loveable, impulsive scamp Cuphead and his cautious but easily swayed brother Mugman. As the two scour their surreal homeworld of the Inkwell Isles in search of fun and adventure, they always have each other’s back. Unless there’s only one cookie left, in which case it’s every cup for himself. The Cuphead Show! combines nostalgic delights, side-splitting gags, and a healthy dose of the heebie jeebies—especially when a ridiculously weird nemesis, The Devil himself, arrives on the scene to toy with our heroes.”

Check out some images in the gallery below. The voice cast includes Tru Valentino (Cuphead), Frank Todaro (Mugman), Joe Hanna (Elder Kettle), Luke Millington-Drake (Devil), Grey Griffin (Ms. Chalice), and Wayne Brady (King Dice).

What do you think of the Cuphead animation so far? Let us know in comments!

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