Marvel’s Latest Hawkeye Clip Takes Aim at Clint Barton’s Branding Issues

As if the holidays weren’t already stressful enough, Clint Barton has to spend part of the Yuletide season helping out Kate Bishop, a young woman who has been making new enemies around New York using Clint’s Ronin persona. And although the Tracksuit Mafia is no joke, Marvel’s upcoming Hawkeye series is leaving plenty of room for levity. In fact, the studio is highlighting one such moment in a brand new clip from the series, which you can check out below.

The clip finds Clint and Kate walking through Times Square, which (even in the MCU) is crawling with superhero cosplayers. But despite the fact that a real Avenger is on the scene, a young passerby would rather get a picture with a regular joe posing as one of Clint’s famous friends. Kate is quick to point out that one member of the costumed crowd appears to be dressed like him. However, he quickly corrects her that it’s actually Katniss Everdeen. Fun fact: Hailee Steinfeld was in the running to play Katniss in The Hunger Games before Jennifer Lawrence landed the part.

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On a side-note, it looks like saving half the universe finally gave Scott Lang/Ant-Man the recognition he deserves. But Clint’s dejected reply indicates that this type of mix-up has happened before. Luckily, Kate has the perfect solution: brand enhancement.

Hawkeye will air its first two episodes on Disney+ next Wednesday, November 24.

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