The Bad Guys Fetch Hefty Bounties in Cowboy Bebop Wanted Posters

Ten days from today, the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop will finally hit Netflix. The streaming network has poured plenty of promotional material to introduce the titular characters, the bounty hunters known as Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, and Faye Valentine. But what about the bad guys? That’s why Netflix dropped five “Wanted” posters for some of the outlaws out in the Solar System. Fans got to look closer at Maria Murdock, Abdul Hakim, Asimov Solensan. Additionally, at Teddy Bomber and Pierre Le Fou (wrongly indicated as Pierre La Fou on the posters). All of them have a Woolong — the currency in the Solar System — bounty on their head, and the three protagonists have to pay their bills somehow.

You can watch the Cowboy Bebop Wanted posters in the gallery below.

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In the anime, Teddy Bomber is the nickname of Ted Bower, a terrorist who used explosive teddy bears to kill people before earning a bounty of 2 million (3 million in the source) Woolong. As the leader of an eco-terrorist organization known as Space Warriors, Maria Murdock infected one of Jupiter’s moons with a genetic-altering virus, a crime worth 25 million Woolong. Solensan is a crime syndicate member incurring a 2.5 million bounty, while Abdul Hakim is a serial pet thief worth 15 million. The most-valuable bounty is the lab experiment known as Pierre Le Fou, with his 50 million Woolong.

Cowboy Bebop hits Netflix on November 19.

What do you think about the wanted posters for Cowboy Bebop? Check them out, then let us know in the comments section below.

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