The Witcher Season 2 Character Posters Underline Geralt’s Killer Nature

Two months from now, Netflix will unleash the sophomore season of The Witcher. Fans can’t wait to get back on the Continent, but they have to be content with some promotional material for now. Recently, the producers have debuted three character posters featuring the main characters in the fan-favorite TV series. Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia received the first one. The lethal witcher dons his shiny new black armor as he stands tall, sword in hand. “Created to kill. Destined to protect,” reads the caption.

The second poster sees the charming Yennefer — portrayed by Anya Chalotra — described as “lost in chaos” but also “destined to survive.” It’s a clear hint that the sorceress survived the battle of Sodden Hill, and she is now looking for a way out of the chaos of the battle’s aftermath.

You can check out The Witcher season 2 character posters in the gallery below. Curiously, all character posters’ colors match the actors’ eyes.

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The last one released so far features Freya Allan’s Ciri. She is wielding a wooden sword in what appears to be Kaer Morhen. The freshman season’s finale saw the princess of Cintra reuniting with Geralt. Now, she must learn to control her impressive powers to reconquer the kingdom she lost to the Nilfgaardian empire.

The new eight-episode season will shed new light on the white-haired witcher’s backstory. Although many details from the story are still under wraps, many hints revealed so far — including the casting — suggest that the sophomore season will adapt the events of Blood of Elves.

What do you think about the character posters for The Witcher season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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