Marvel Studios Wins First Emmy Awards With WandaVision


WandaVision worked magic in more ways than one. Marvel Studios’ “first” canonical TV series — Agents of SHIELD and the Netflix shows began as MCU canon, until they weren’t — brought home gold at the Creative Arts Emmys Ceremony yesterday. Via Variety, the series scored wins for narrative (half-hour) production design and for fantasy/sci-fi costumes. WandaVision‘s unique half-hour format began with full-length sitcom parodies, before splitting between the sitcom and the MCU realities, and allowed the studio to get competitive in multiple categories.

The longer-episode-having The Falcon and the Winter Soldier scored five nominations total but no wins…yet. The Primetime Emmys, on Sept 19, will tell the tale, as both shows are up for acting awards. WandaVision also contends for writing and directing honors.

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Officially the first part of Marvel’s Phase IV, WandaVision set the stage for the multiverse to break. The series dealt with Wanda Maximoff’s denial of her own grief over the death of Vision. Using magic and psychic powers, she created a seemingly normal, All-American sitcom-inspired family life with him. But after realizing her children weren’t real, she turned to dark magic in the show’s final scene to try and bring them back from another universe. Since then, Loki and What If…? have explored the ramifications of messing with reality in this way. As will Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In addition, WandaVision served as the superhero origin story for the Monica Rambeau incarnation of Captain Marvel.

Odds are that not every Emmy voter cared about those connections. The standalone quality of the series, and the degree to which it understood and subverted so many classic tropes, spoke for itself.

Do you think the show deserved its Emmys? If not, who did? Let us know in comments.

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