The Shade Comes To Blue Valley in Latest Stargirl Season 2 Trailer

Stargirl’s season premiere is only two weeks away, and the Justice Society is in for a big wake-up call. The CW has released another trailer for the show’s return that offers new looks at some of the fresh additions to its cast, including Jonathan Cake’s Richard Swift/The Shade.

As we’ve seen in earlier previews, Courtney Whitmore’s teammates in the JSA are ready to take a break from the hero biz after last year’s victory over the Injustice Society. But Courtney remains just as committed as ever to keeping Blue Valley safe. After all, there’s still one supervillain who’s still at large: Cindy Burman/Shiv, who survived her encounter with the Justice Society at the end of last season. And the arrival of The Shade will only make things more complicated, even if Pat Dugan (a.k.a. S.T.R.I.P.E.) has tangled with him before.

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The trailer also reveals new shots of Ysa Penarejo as Jade, the daughter of Alan Scott who has taken up her father’s mantle as Green Lantern. Plus, the next season of Stargirl will introduce another new antagonist in Nick Tarabay’s Eclipso. For now, The CW seems to be keeping any footage of Eclipso under lock and key. But since The Shade seems to pose a big enough threat on his own, it’s hard to imagine the heroes facing any more challenges this year.

Stargirl season 2 premieres on Tuesday, August 10 on The CW.

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