Aldis Hodge as an unmasked Hawkman in Black Adam.

Green Lantern: Black Adam Star Wants to Play the DCU’s John Stewart

Black Adam star Aldis Hodge has revealed that he is also open to playing John Stewart in the DC Universe if a Hawkman reprisal is off the table.

Speaking with, Hodge — who appeared as Hawkman in the 2022 DC movie Black Adam — shared that he was “open for whatever” role James Gunn might have in mind for him for the DCU.

“I would love to live out the rest of the legacy of Hawkman because we had some amazing plans for him,” said Hodge. “But also, with John Stewart in sort of a live-action capacity. I mean, I’ve voiced John Stewart in the animated space for years now. Few years. Phil LaMarr passed the baton. Shout out to Phil because I’m a big fan of his work. But if that became a film adaptation, absolutely. I mean, that was one of my dreams growing up was to be John Stewart in live-action. So yeah.”

Hodge has voiced John Stewart/Green Lantern in two Tomorrowverse animated films — Green Lantern: Beware My Power (2022) and Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part One (2023) — and is expected to reprise the role in the forthcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths sequels.

Aldis Hodge would still love to return as Hawkman

While Hodge has thrown his name in the hat for the DCU’s John Stewart, he hasn’t fully closed the door on returning as Carter Hall/Hawkman. He recently admitted that he “would like to finish out the plans that we had for Hawkman, and sort of revisit them, because there’s such a body of depth when it comes to his whole storyline, and all that kind of stuff.”

The actor continued, “So, if that’s something they’re interested in, my door’s always open for that. But, I know they want to build out a very different world. I can’t speak to whether I’m going to be part of that world, as that’s above my paygrade, but if they want to pick up the phone, I’m always here.”

John Stewart is part of Gunn’s DCU plans

Unlike the DC Extended Universe, which never fully explored the Green Lantern mythos, the beloved cosmic superheroes are expected to play a major role in the DCU. In addition to Nathan Fillion’s casting as Guy Gardner/Green Lantern in Superman: Legacy, Gunn is developing the Max series Lanterns, which will feature Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart in “a True Detective-type mystery” involving an “ancient horror on Earth.”

Lanterns remains without a release date at this time.