Benjamin Walker Describes His Audition For Amazon’s Lord of the Rings

Amazon’s mysterious Lord of the Rings TV show is still without a release date. Regardless, we still have no idea what we’re supposed to call it or what its story entails beyond that fact that it takes place during Middle-Earth’s Second Age. The series has also assembled a cast filled with a few recognizable faces. That includes Benjamin Walker, whose credits include Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Jessica Jones. While speaking with Collider, Walker has offered some insight into how he joined the series.

Walker’s Lord of the Rings casting was confirmed late last year. But according to him, there was a long stretch between auditioning for the series and actually landing the part. And he also gave an idea of just how dedicated co-showrunner J.D. Payne is to the project.

“It was a long audition process, and then I didn’t hear from them for a few months,” said Walker. “I mean the whole world was struggling to figure out what we were going to do next at that point. And then one of the showrunners, J.D. called me and he pitched the part and pitched the commitment, which is large. I could hear on the phone that there was a PA system and a lot of noise in the background, and I still wasn’t sure. And I said, ‘J.D., where are you?’ He said ‘I’m in the hospital.’ And I said, ‘Are you okay?’ and he goes, ‘No. My wife’s having a baby.’”

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The show also made a splash earlier this year when news of its $465 million budget became public knowledge. However, Walker shared his view that the massive price tag is justified, claiming “this is not a legendarium you want to skimp on.” And when it comes to spoilers, he feels that it’s better to start watching with as little info as possible.

“I really can’t say a lot, and here’s the thing. It’s usually annoying when they tell you not to talk about it. On this one I kind of agree with them. Because there’s so much attention and because so much happens, it’s important that we do protect it. So I really can’t say a lot, other than you will be glad you knew so little when you see it.”

Amazon is expected to premiere its Lord of the Rings series sometime later this year.

Do you have any theories about who Walker is playing on the show? Let us know in the comments down below!

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