WandaVision Creator Says She Originally Had Different Plans for Agatha

Earlier this year, WandaVision had the honor to open the newest phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series brought back Wanda Maximoff and her love interest, Vision. But it also introduced a few unforgettable characters in the MCU, including Agatha. While she looked like a nosey neighbor at first, Agatha soon revealed herself as a villainous witch who wanted to seize Wanda’s mighty powers. The clash between the two went down in the finale, where Wanda, obviously, defeated her enemy. But it appears that WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer had different plans for Agatha at first.

“In the original conception, Agatha’s character was more in the mentor and magic-expert space,” she said while talking with Rolling Stone.

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Schaeffer then went on explaining that she figured out some things after the first draft. And the choice about transforming Agatha into the main villain derived from there.

“One of the things that never changed was that in the finale, Wanda would have to say goodbye to Vision,” she added. However, it played out a bit differently when Agatha still took a mentor role. “In my original notion of it, that goodbye was like a final binding spell that she had to do. And it was tied to a spell that Agatha had taught her early in the series, where a gravy tureen had shattered, and Agatha taught her this very basic binding spell. In the end, what she has to do is integrate her trauma, and she has to bind Vision back to herself with that spell. Agatha ended up becoming more of an antagonistic force, because we needed that in the series.”

Would you have preferred to watch Agatha mentoring Wanda? Or do you like the way they went ultimately? Let us know in the comments section below.

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