Luke’s Life Is in Danger in Batwoman Episode 2.15 Promo

The CW has debuted a promo for the upcoming fifteenth episode of Batwoman season 2. The latest installment ended with Luke Fox seeing Eli, a low-profile thug he met in prison, carjacking a car in the parking. After the car’s alarm went off, Crow Agent Russell Tavaroff showed up to check what was going on. Taking advantage of the situation, Eli accused Luke of the carjacking. As the employee of Wayne Enterprises looked inside his coat for reaching the cell phone, Tavaroff shot him down, mistaking the phone for a gun. And now, it appears that Luke is struggling between life and death as his friends are desperate to know what happened. Apparently, there will be an internal investigation inside the Crows to review Tavaroff’s bodycam footage.

You can watch the Batwoman Episode 2.15 promo in the player below.

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The show will take some time off before airing what’s next for Luke, Ryan and the rest of the team. The next episode will air on June 6. In the comics, Tavaroff is Luke Fox’s arch-nemesis, and it appears that The CW might go that way with this storyline. While it’s just speculation at the moment, this might also lead to Luke becoming Batwing and joining the titular heroine in fighting crime on the front lines. For now, the story has to show if the tech genius will survive or not.

Have you watched Batwoman season 2? If so, what do you think about the story so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

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