Amazon’s Paper Girls Series Casts Its Four Leads

The Paper Girls have finally assembled. Deadline brings word that Amazon has cast the four main characters for its live-action adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang’s hit comic book series.

Sofia Rosinsky (far left) is starring on the series as Mac Coyle, the team leader. Mac became her town’s first newspaper delivery girl after inheriting the route from her older brother. She’s also a “working class Catholic girl” who displays “a sharp tongue and quicker fists” on the show. Camryn Jones (second from left) is playing Tiffany Quilkin, “the only child of success-oriented, mixed race parents.” She has also been delivering papers for over a year. Tiffany is goal-oriented like her folks and has “no intention” of letting her plans for the future slip away. Additionally, she “boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, a love of gadgets and technology.”

Meanwhile, Riley Lai Nelet (second from right) is Erin Tieng, the group’s newbie who “feels caught between worlds.” Viewers will see Erin embrace her Chinese roots as a “dual-language immigrant.” However, she’s also “an All-American kid on the verge of her teenage years who desperately wants the TV-perfect life she often sees depicted in the Western culture all around her.” Finally, the producers have cast Fina Strazza (far right) as KJ Brandman, one of the only Jewish girls in town who also comes from one of its richest families. KJ’s talent as a field hockey player makes her feel “truly seen.” But her skills on the field don’t line up with her mom’s wishes for her. Being a paper girl also allows to “feel free”.

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Vaughan and Chiang originally launched Paper Girls through Image Comics in 2015. Set in the town of Stony Stream in 1988, the story follows the four girls as they get swept up in a time-travelling adventure on the morning after Halloween. After publishing 30 issues, Vaughan and Chiang concluded the series in 2019. Stephany Folsom and Christopher C. Rogers will be the showrunner and executive producer for Amazon’s TV adaptation. Christopher Cantwell is also onboard as an executive producer.

Amazon still hasn’t announced a premiere date for Paper Girls.

Do you think these actresses are good choices to bring Mac, Tiffany, Erin, and KJ to life? Let us know in the comments down below!

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