Past and Future Collide in Amazon’s Full-Length Paper Girls Trailer

Less than a week after Amazon dropped a new teaser for its upcoming Paper Girls series, Prime Video is offering a much better look at the highly-anticipated show. Another Paper Girls trailer has just found its way online, revealing even more scenes inspired by Brian K. Vaughan and artist Cliff Chiang’s original comic book series.

The trailer begins the same way that Vaughan and Chiang’s series did when it launched in 2015. On the morning after Halloween 1988, four pre-teen girls start making their newspaper delivery rounds in their quaint Cleveland suburb. Clearly, they all have reservations about each other. But when the night sky suddenly turns a menacing shade of purple, they immediately take shelter in the nearest house. Eventually, they discover that they’ve been time-displaced and sent to the year 2019.

As if that weren’t horrifying enough, the girls also encounter their adult selves in this strange new future, which is currently plagued by a war between rival time travelers. But because traveling through time is a capital offense, they immediately become targets. This means they will be forced to outrun law enforcement (among other deadly obstacles) as they attempt to find a way home.

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You can watch the new trailer for the series in the player below.

Sofia Rosinsky, Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet, and Fina Strazza are headlining Paper Girls as Mac Coyle, Tiffany Quilkin, Erin Tiang, and KJ Brandman, respectively. The series will also feature appearances by Ali Wong, Nate Corddry, and Adina Porter.

Paper Girls will debut on Amazon Prime on July 29.

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