Jupiter’s Legacy Trailer Introduces a Family Tradition of Heroes

Jupiter’s Legacy Trailer Introduces a Legacy of Heroes

After so many teases and talks of deals, the relationship between Netflix and Mark Millar finally bears fruit with the first Jupiter’s Legacy trailer. In it, we get a hint at the family dynasty of superheroes, from the Utopian through to his descendants. From Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamel) first earning his powers on a mysterious island, to his children who consider the white-bearded man old and out of touch.

For Millar, creative force behind the likes of Wanted, Kingsman, and Kick-Ass, his stock in trade is “Justice League..but twisted.” Here, we see how the generation gap may come into play. Check out the trailer below:

Netflix also dropped a new poster, which you can see right here:

Okay, so they aren’t the most fashionable superhero family. But the first generation has been doing this for 90 years, so they can’t be expected to stay trendy. More importantly, can they reckon with family issues of abandonment? And can the kids be expected to conform to a crushingly massive ideal?

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In one month, we will watch the beginnings of the Millar-verse on Netflix. Per the official synopsis, “The first generation of superheroes have kept the world safe for nearly a century. Now their children must continue their legendary ideals. They’re the first generation of superheroes. But as they pass the torch to their children, tensions are rising — and the old rules no longer apply.”

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