Joseph David-Jones and Khailah Johnson Have Been Cast in the 4400 Reboot

Joseph David-Jones and Khailah Johnson Join the 4400 Reboot

Back in February, The CW ordered a reboot of The 4400. Now the series has a new name and it has also cast the first two performers. Via Variety, Joseph David-Jones and Khaliah Johnson have joined the cast of 4400.

According to Variety, David-Jones’ character is Rev Johnson. Rev’s character description notes that he “was raised in a powerful and affluent church family, and disappeared in the 1990s. While he is a man of true faith and compassion, he is accustomed to the power and clout afforded his position. He will emerge as a natural leader among the 4400.”

Johnson is portraying LaDonna, “a high maintenance Miami party girl who disappeared on her 21st birthday.” Her character bio also notes that “while she at first comes across as spoiled and vapid, she will end up tapping into her own potential in ways she never expected.”

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David-Jones had a recurring role on Arrow as Connor Hawke, the adopted son of John Diggle. Additionally, David-Jones has had roles in Allegiant and Detroit. Johnson is a newcomer whose only previous professional acting credit is Muny’s production of Footloose.

René Echevarria and Scott Peters created the original incarnation of The 4400. Within the show, 4,400 people who vanished without a trace were suddenly returned to the present with superhuman abilities. The newly empowered 4400 also found themselves at odds with each other and the normal people who feared their powers.

Ariana Jackson is writing and executive producing 4400, which no longer has “The” in the title. Additionally, Erica Watson will direct the pilot and co-executive produce the series.

What do you think about the first new cast members from 4400? Also, what do you want to see in the new series? Let us know in the comment section below!

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