First Look At Nick Tarabay As Eclipso In Stargirl Season 2

Later this year, Stargirl will return to The CW for its second season. But the seeds for her next big adversary have already been planted. Nick Tarabay is joining the series as Eclipso, the corrupted angel of vengeance. Now, TVLine has debuted the first image of Tarabay in costume as Eclipso.

During the first season finale of Stargirl, Shiv (Meg DeLacy) found the infamous black diamond shard that holds Eclipso’s essence. In the comics, Eclipso focused his power through the black diamond. He was also able to possess almost anyone who held the diamond while entertaining thoughts of revenge.

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Within DC’s mythology, Eclipso was originally God’s divine wrath before his fall. He was also imprisoned within a giant black diamond called the Heart of Darkness. The diamond was split up into several shards, which kept Eclipso from regaining his true power. However, each of the diamond shards allowed Eclipso to bring heroes and villains under his influence.

According to TVLine, Stargirl‘s incarnation of Eclipso is “physically imposing and frightening. Brimming with a cold, terrifying darkness, Eclipso exploits the flaws of others, reveling in the impure and sinful, sadistically feeding off the dark side of humanity.”

Stargirl season 2 will hit The CW this summer.

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