Iron Fist’s Finn Jones Told Hailee Steinfeld To Join Marvel’s Hawkeye Series

Fans may be split on how good of a job Finn Jones did in bringing Iron Fist to life on his eponymous Netflix series. Regardless, we apparently have him to thank for one of the most promising new additions to the MCU. Last year, Jones joined the cast of Apple TV+’s Dickinson, which stars Hailee Steinfeld as the legendary poetess. This happened right around the time that Marvel was courting Steinfeld to play Kate Bishop on their upcoming Hawkeye series. And when Steinfeld came to him for tips, Jones had nothing but good things to say about his dalliance with the Marvel Universe.

While speaking with Digital Spy, Jones revealed how he encouraged Steinfeld to try her hand at playing a superhero.

“I was just like, ‘Do it, definitely. Be a part of the Marvel world,’” said Jones. “‘It’s such a wonderful thing to say that you’ve been a part of. Marvel takes care of their actors so well. It’s a universe that is so well-loved by so many people.’ Just the experience as an actor to play a superhero is such a wonderfully challenging and rewarding experience. I was just like, ‘Hailee, do it. Do it, and you won’t regret it.’ And now she’s doing it.”

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Needless to say, Jones’ advice worked (even though technically, he and Steinfeld didn’t work for the same Marvel). Hawkeye began filming in New York last December with Steinfeld starring opposite Jeremy Renner, who’s reprising his big-screen role as Clint Barton. And just like the rest of us, Jones is excited to see what she brings to the series.

“It’s wonderful to see that she’s now in that world. I think she’s going to be fantastic,” continued Jones, “I can’t wait to see her as Hawkeye. I think it’s wonderful casting, and I hope she goes on to have her own series and her own movie franchise, because she deserves it. She’s such an amazing performer – and a great contribution to the Marvel Universe.”

Hawkeye will premiere on Disney+ later this year.

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