Black Panther Becomes Star-Lord in Marvel’s What If…? Trailer

In spite of his tragic and untimely passing earlier this year, Chadwick Boseman will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe one last time…as Star-Lord. Yes, in the alternate reality animated series What If…?, it was T’Challa whom Yondu took as a child, rather than Peter Quill. This also gives Michael Rooker a chance to briefly defy James Gunn’s insistence that Yondu will stay dead. Other alternate realities glimpsed in the trailer include Peggy Carter as Captain America (or is it Captain UK?), Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Strange, and Steve Rogers Cap as a Marvel Zombie.

Take a look at the many alternate possibilities:

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Jeffrey Wright voices Uatu the Watcher, who can see every possibility the Marvel universe has to offer. But will he, too, fall into the Multiverse of Madness that appears to be coming for everyone in Phase IV? Odds are he’s just here to tell one-off tales, but as they say, everything is connected.

If it means more Marvel Zombies, that’s something we did not necessarily see coming from Disney. Though the Mysterio-vision undead Iron Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home felt like testing the waters.

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