Legendary Taps Brian K. Vaughan For a New Buck Rogers TV Series

As a number of his own creations make their way to the small screen, Brian K. Vaughan is about to revitalize a member of the sci-fi genre’s old guard. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vaughan will write Legendary’s upcoming Buck Rogers TV series.

This news comes two months after Legendary first revealed their intentions to reboot the Buck Rogers franchise. If all goes well, TV isn’t the only place we’ll be seeing the spacefaring adventurer in the years to come. The studio is also hoping the new show will eventually lead to a series of feature films. A Buck Rogers anime series is also in the works.

Vaughan is enjoying a lot of success in the TV realm. An adaptation of his magnum opus, Y: The Last Man, is currently in production as a series for FX. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime recently began casting for Paper Girls, based on the Image comic he created with Cliff Chiang. Legendary is also developing a big-screen take on Ex Machina, which is set to star Oscar Isaac and will be released as The Great Machine.

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When he debuted in 1928, Buck Rogers changed the science fiction landscape. Shortly after Phillip Francis Nowlan introduced Buck in an issue of Amazing Stories, the character went on to headline his own comic strips and film serials. In the decades that followed, Buck continued to appear in several other films and TV projects, including a 1979 TV series starring Gil Gerard. Nowlan’s creation also inspired several “copycat” heroes in the early 20th century, most notably Flash Gordon.

Don Murphy and Susan Montford are producing the new Buck Rogers series through their Angry Films banner. Nowlan’s grandson, Flint Dille, is also producing.

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