Legendary is Developing a Buck Rogers Revival For Film and TV

It’s been almost four decades since the classic sci-fi/pulp hero, Buck Rogers, appeared in live-action. But that may soon change. According to The Wrap, Transformers producer Don Murphy and Legendary Entertainment are teaming up for a Buck Rogers revival. Their plans include “a prestige television series that leads to a blockbuster film franchise along with an anime-style animated series, all designed to reintroduce the Buck Rogers Universe to modern audiences.”

Philip Francis Nowlan created Buck Rogers in 1928 for his Armageddon 2419 A.D. novella. The new project will take its cues from that tale, which introduced Anthony “Buck” Rogers as a coal miner who was trapped in suspended animation. 500 years later, Buck awoke in a future torn apart by an ongoing planetary war.

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The Buck Rogers newspaper comic strip inspired countless imitators, including Flash Gordon. There was also a Buck Rogers movie serial starring Buster Crabbe in 1939, and a TV series in 1950. However, Buck Rogers is perhaps best known for his second TV series in 1979.  Gil Gerard starred in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, which reimagined Buck as an astronaut turned adventurer. Erin Gray also starred in the series as Buck’s partner, Colonel Wilma Deering.

Mary Parent and Cale Boyter will produce the Buck Rogers revival for Legendary, with Angry Films’ Cory Kaplan as a co-producer.

Are you excited to hear about Buck Rogers’ comeback? Who should play Buck and Wilma? Let us know in the comment section below!

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