Netflix’s Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Casts Six Key Characters

A bunch of new actors are joining the cast of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, and many of the characters are going to look a bit different. According to DeadlineStargirl‘s Geoff Stults will portray Chalmers in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the fan-favorite anime show. According to the official description, Chalmers is “the epitome of a Western lawman. He is also Jet Black’s former co-detective in the ISSP’s [Inter Solar-System Police] Homicide Division. He wears a chronic smile that makes you want to punch him square in the face… especially Jet. And that’s only partly because Chalmers is dating his ex-wife these days.”

While Netflix has changed the name of Jet Black’s former partner, he appears to be based on Fad from the anime. In the original show, he played a pivotal role in why Jet left the ISSP.

In addition to Stults, the streaming service has also cast Tamara Tunie (Black Earth Rising) as Ana, “the proprietor of the hottest underground bluesy jazz club on Mars. And while she acts as a surrogate mom to Spike, there is nothing warm and cuddly about her. Cool and intense, Ana is definitely not a woman to be trifled with.” This sounds like a version of Anastasia, who ran a convenience store in the original.

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Ana’s right-hand person, the non-binary Gren, will be played by Mason Alexander Park (Hedwig and the Angry Inch National Broadway Tour). “They run the front of the house for Ana’s jazz club. As capable with their wit as a glock, as confident in a dress as a suit, they are a Bowie-esque embodiment of 22nd century handsome and seductive beauty.”

On top of that, Rachel House (Thor Ragnarok) is Mao, “the Capo of the Syndicate’s ‘White Tigers’ family, who was male in the anime. Despite, or perhaps because of, her blue collar background, Mao is more cunning, adept, crafty and deadly than her counterparts.” In more gender-shifting, Ann Truong (Hard Target 2) and Hoa Xuande (Top of the Lake) are Shin and Lin, respectively. According to the description, “dressed to kill (because they do), Shin and Lin serve as Vicious’ twin Syndicate henchman. Despite being fearful of their volatile boss, they are fiercely loyal to Vicious in his quest (for reasons we have yet to understand) to take down Spike Spiegel.”

Netflix has yet to announce an official release date for Cowboy Bebop.

How do you think Geoff Stults will fare as Chalmers? Would you have preferred someone else in that role? Let us know in the comments section below.

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