Neil Gaiman Announces That Netflix’s The Sandman Has Begun Shooting

Many fans were dreaming about it, but now the fact that Netflix’s The Sandman started production has become reality. Neil Gaiman, the mind behind the eponymous comic book series, took to Twitter to announce the good news. It took years for the people involved in the series to reach a deal, but the cameras started rolling last Thursday.

The Sandman TV series had a long gestated production that started when film director James Mangold pitched his idea to HBO back in 2010. After several delays and reconsideration, Netflix picked up the series in 2019.

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In his Tweet, Gaiman revealed that they were shooting one of the iconic scenes from the very first issue of The Sandman comic series. In the comic realm, Dr. John Hathaway is one of the Royal Museum’s senior curators. After being duped, he steals a magic book — the Magdalene Grimoire — from the museum to give it to Roderick Burgess, a man who wants to imprison Death. Too bad that things won’t go as planned, and Burgess will end up imprisoning Dream, the protagonist of the series.

The British author also teased that they will announce some of the names in the cast very soon. So far, rumors had it that Tom Sturridge was in talks to star as the titular character. At the same time, Liam Hemsworth and Dacre Montgomery were being considered for the role of the Corinthian.

Netflix has yet to announce an official release date for the series.

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