Three More Actors Join Amazon’s The Wheel of Time Adaptation

It’s not clear why The Wheel of Time continues to make casting announcements in groups of three, but the series’ official Twitter account has just revealed another trio of new additions to the show. This also confirms that the series will introduce the Tuatha’an in its first season. Maria Doyle Kennedy, Narinder Samra, and Daryl McCormack will all appear as key members of this group. You can check out the announcement as well as photos of each actor below.

Kennedy is probably best known for her roles on Showtime’s The Tudors and BBC’s Orphan Black. She has also made recurring appearances on Outlander. Samra had minor roles in a few American films and TV shows in the early 2000s, including The One and E.R. More recently, he appeared in the British series Ackley Bridge. Meanwhile, McCormack has appeared on episodes of Peaky Blinders as Isaiah Jesus.

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In Robert Jordan’s original Wheel of Time novels, the Tuatha’an are a tribe of nomads who live in painted wagons. They also follow a pacifist code known as the Way of the Leaf, which prevents them from using any form of violence, even to defend themselves. Because of this, the Tuath’an deliberately stay away from areas with large populations in order to avoid confrontations.

Amazon has cast Kennedy to play Illa, a woman who is married to Samra’s Raen in the series’ first book, The Eye of the World. McCormack will star as the couple’s grandson, Aram.

The Wheel of Time began filming last September and is still without a release date on Amazon Prime.

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