Doom Patrol Season 2 Lost an Episode Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The new season of Doom Patrol is currently earning rave reviews for continuing to embrace the weirdness of its characters while also bringing their personal problems to the forefront. However, it turns out that the series’ producers were planning to have one extra hour to tell this latest chapter in the team’s story. According to new cast member Abigail Shapiro, season 2 was originally supposed to have 10 episodes instead of nine.

Shapiro, who joined the series this year as Dorothy Spinner, shared this info during a recent interview with Insider. Not surprisingly, fans can blame the COVID-19 outbreak for the truncated season. But whether the producers intend to round up the cast to complete the last episode is still unclear.

“It was basically all finished,” said Shapiro. “There was going to be one more episode and we only had a couple of scenes left, but we never got to finish that episode. So, I don’t know if that episode is ever going to air or anything. I don’t know much about what’s happening.”

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Doom Patrol began filming its sophomore season in Georgia last November. Season 2 was already going to be a few installments shorter than the 15-episode first season. Unfortunately, the show became another casualty of coronavirus-induced shutdowns earlier this year. Greg Berlanti, a producer on Doom Patrol and architect of The CW’s Arrowverse, responded to the shutdown by donating $1 million to Hollywood relief efforts. $600,000 of this was earmarked for people working on his company’s shows, including Doom Patrol, Batwoman, The Flash, and Supergirl.

The next episode of Doom Patrol will premiere this Thursday, July 16, on DC Universe and HBO Max.

Would you like the series’ producers to finish the new season’s tenth episode? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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