Doom Patrol Showrunner Teases the Season 2 Character Arcs

Earlier this week, DC Universe and HBO Max subscribers returned to Doom Manor when Doom Patrol premiered the first three episodes season 2. The off-beat superteam is going to have a lot to contend with this year. But above all else, the new season aims to get to the heart of each hero’s personal trauma. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Jeremy Carver discussed this journey at length. He also teased the roles the new characters will have to play in the unfolding story.

“One of the things we were really interested in doing with Doom Patrol from the get-go was diving into the pasts of these characters who have lived so long to see how they became this way,” said Carver. “We got into that a little bit in season 1. But we were excited to have nine or 10 more episodes to go even deeper and, to be blunt about it, see even more of what was screwing these people up over the years.”

“Part of that was what Niles Caulder did to them,” added Carver. “A lot of it is the same stuff we all deal with: generational family trauma. That’s what season 2 really starts to delve into. When we look back at our characters’ lives, whether they were children or had children of their own, they were either on the receiving end of trauma or dealing out their own trauma. We had an interesting time walking our characters through each of those scenarios.”

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The season premiere also properly introduced viewers to the Chief’s daughter, Dorothy. In addition to her ape-like appearance, Dorothy also possesses the ability to bring her imaginary friends to life. Dorthy is also dealing with her own set of demons, some of which might not be so figurative. But fortunately, it sounds like Dorothy will find a kindred spirit in Diane Guerrero’s Jane.

“Dropping Dorothy into the mix was a big challenge,” noted Carver. “We were trying to bring in a character that was somewhat different from our team in that she has suffered every bit of trauma that everyone else did, and yet she manages to wake up every morning with this bright, shining smile.”

“In our alone moments with Dorothy, we realize just how much she’s struggling like the others to keep the worst parts of herself bound and controlled,” continued Carver. “Then we have Jane, who does see similarities to Dorothy and goes to take Dorothy under her wing in the early episodes. The relationship between Dorothy and her imaginary friends and Jane and the personas that live in the Underground does become one of the most complex and even fraught relationships of the season.”

The next episode of Doom Patrol season 2 will arrive next Thursday, July 2, on DC Universe and HBO Max.

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