Courtney’s Stepdad is Hiding a Secret In New Stargirl Preview

With Stargirl hitting DC Universe and The CW next week, Entertainment Weekly has debuted a new clip featuring Courtney Whitmore, as played by Brec Bassinger. The scene is light on action, but it teases the relationship between Courtney and her stepfather-turned-crimefighting partner, Pat Dugan.

Stargirl kicks off with Pat (Luke Wilson) uprooting his new family from Los Angeles to Blue Valley, Nebraska. His son Mike (Trae Romano) is clearly enthralled by their new house. Unfortunately, Pat’s new stepdaughter isn’t as easily swayed by her new surroundings. But when Pat shows concern over how the movers are unloading some of the boxes, Courtney appears to suspect he might be hiding something. The smaller, narrow box almost certainly contains the Cosmic Staff that once belonged to Starman. Additionally, it’s a safe bet that the larger crates marked “Auto Parts” hold S.T.R.I.P.E., the armor that Pat will eventually adopt as his own

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As recent trailers have shown, Courntey will eventually discover her stepfather’s past as the late Starman’s sidekick. Reluctantly, Pat will join Courtney as a member of the new Justice Society of America as they battle their evil counterparts in the Injustice Society.

Stargirl premieres on DC Universe on Monday, May 18 with an encore presentation on The CW the following evening.

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