Report: Clash Between Tom Ellis and Warner Bros. May Unravel Lucifer Season 6

A Clash Between Tom Ellis and Warner Bros. May Unravel Lucifer Season 6

As recently as last month, Lucifer season 6 seemed like a good bet. Netflix had originally planned to end the series after five seasons. However, the streaming service reconsidered and entered into talks with Warner Bros. TV to extend the series. Tom Ellis, the star of the series, was reportedly signed to a sixth season in early March. Regardless, a new report indicates that Lucifer season 6 is now in danger of collapsing entirely.

According to TVLine, Ellis and Warner Bros. have hit a major impasse in their negotiations. Despite seemingly having a deal already agreed upon, Ellis has reportedly rejected WB’s latest offer. The story adds that Warner Bros. has “gone back and ‘sweetened the pot’ multiple times. ‘Everyone wants Tom to be happy,’ says the insider. ‘But there’s a limit, and it’s been reached.’”

There’s also some talk that Ellis may be in breach of contract if he refuses to return for the series. That would potentially lead to a lawsuit between Ellis and the studio if they can’t come to terms.

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Lucifer‘s return is dependent on the outcome of this dispute. Ellis has headlined the series for three seasons on Fox, and two seasons on Netflix. Additionally, there’s no word on whether Ellis’ co-stars have agreed to return. Currently, the status of the series is limbo. However, the show’s creative team apparently planned a series finale for the fifth season that may give fans closure if the series is truly over.

What do you think about the standoff between Tom Ellis and Warner Bros. TV? Should Lucifer just call it a day at five seasons? Let us know in the comment section below!

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