Tom Ellis Finalizes His Deal to Appear in Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer just wouldn’t be Lucifer without Tom Ellis in the starring role. But fortunately, the actor has just taken a big step toward playing the character for at least one more year. TVLine brings word that Ellis has just worked out a deal with Netflix to remain with the show for a potential sixth season.

The series was originally supposed to end with a fifth season consisting of 16 episodes, which will be split into two eight-episode chunks. But earlier this year, Netflix began negotiating with Warner Bros. Television to keep it on the air a bit longer. TVLine’s report is careful to note that Netflix still hasn’t officially ordered additional Lucifer episodes. However, the platform has already made other strides toward making season 6 a reality. Co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson also signed new deals last week.

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Lucifer has taken plenty of liberties with its DC Comics source material. Regardless, the series has built up a strong following over the last four years. It aired its first three seasons on Fox before that network cancelled it in 2018. But thanks to the show’s loyal fanbase, who pooled their efforts into an online #SaveLucifer campaign, Netflix gave it another chance. The streaming service subsequently debuted Lucifer’s fourth season in 2019.

Lucifer is currently wrapping up production on its fifth season. The new episodes are still without a premiere date.

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