New Videos Show The Mandalorian’s Evolution From Concept to Screen

Star Wars fans have already seen the innovative techniques used by The Mandalorian’s visual effects crew to bring the show’s diverse environments to life. However, these effects wouldn’t be possible without a team of concept illustrators laying the groundwork for what was to come. Now, viewers can also see how one finished episode differs from the artists’ original vision. The official Star Wars Instagram has posted videos revealing how three specific key frames were translated onscreen. You can check them out for yourself below.

These videos take closer looks at different scenes from The Mandalorian’s fourth episode, “Sanctuary,” directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. This chapter found Mando and the Child seeking refuge on the planet Sorgan. There, they met Cara Dune and encountered a village under siege by mysterious raiders armed with an AT-ST. Each clip begins with one of Ryan Church or Christian Alzmann’s illustrations before switching over to the scene as it was filmed for the show.

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The shots of the AT-ST in action were among “Sanctuary”’s most exciting moments during the attack on the village. Additionally, there’s an illustration of the ever-loyal Baby Yoda following the Mandalorian out of his ship.

“Sanctuary” also featured a romantic subplot between the Mandalorian and one of the villagers, Omera. Unfortunately, their love story ended before it could even begin, and it’s still unclear whether the producers will revisit their budding relationship in future seasons.

What are your thoughts on this latest insight into The Mandalorian’s design process? Let us know in the comment section below!

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