Now It’s Bandai’s Turn to Make Mandalorian and Baby Yoda

Everyone wants in on the hottest Star Wars father-son duo since Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Din Djarin and The Child have inspired toys by Hasbro, Sideshow, Hot Toys, Mattel…and now Bandai. Via their S.H. Figuarts specialty division, these 6-inch-scaled Star Wars figures sell as imports only. Because Hasbro has exclusive U.S. rights for 6-inch Star Wars action figures, collectors will need to pay for the extra shipping. But it could be worth it: this Baby Yoda actually comes with the floating bassinet and a carrying backpack. Just don’t let any Biker Scouts near the latter. They can be real jerks.

Featuring the beskar armor and Bandai’s elaborate articulation, the Mandalorian features all the goods. Jetpack with exhaust flames, whistling bird effect, flamethrower, electric prod and cape. Baby Yoda, sold separately, comes with all the accessories plus at least three different heads. We get ears-up, ears-down, and Force-using. Plus his little bone broth bowl.

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Look for both to appear at favorite online collector toy sites around September. Din should retail for around $71, with his temporarily adopted son about half that at $36. Use the Force of willpower to hold out until then. This is the way of collectors.

The first wave of Baby Yoda stuff originally aimed for an end-of-March release date. Obviously the state of the world slowed things down. But we should be seeing the little guy in stores soon to lift all our spirits. In the meantime, enjoy the gallery below of Figuarts images. Is this the fugitive from justice you’re looking for? Let us know in comments.