ILM Shares a Behind-the-Scenes Look At The Mandalorian’s Immersive Virtual Sets

ILM Shares a Look At The Mandalorian’s Immersive Virtual Sets

Before Disney purchased Lucasfilm, Star Wars creator George Lucas often said that making a live-action series just wasn’t feasible. However, technology has helped change the game for Disney+’s The Mandalorian. The series is rumored to have a $15 million budget per episode; which makes it one of the most expensive TV shows of all-time. Additionally, the special effects are feature film worthy. Now, ILM is pulling the curtain back to reveal how the series creates its alien environments.

In a newly released video, series creator Jon Favreau, and several members of the special effects team show off the impressive virtual sets. Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is a critical part of The Mandalorian‘s backdrop. Through a partnership with Epic, Golem Creations, Fuse, Lux Machina, Profile Studios, and ARRI, ILM didn’t need to go on location. Instead, the team created a revolutionary LED video environment.

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While there are some practical effects and physical sets married with the virtual, the groundbreaking aspect is the way it appears in-camera. The background system was designed to match the desired on set lighting and atmosphere. As a result, the stunning visuals appear to be real locations instead of CGI renderings. This gave the series another layer of realism that makes its sci-fi fantasy pop on the screen. It may even be the future of location shooting.

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