Westworld Producers Explain Big Twist From “The Mother of Exiles”

Warning: spoilers from the latest episode of Westworld ahead!

Things are getting more interesting and complicated than ever in HBO’s Westworld. The latest episode of the show revealed that the real world is dealing with Dolores and at least five copies of herself. For now, the fans only got the chance to meet just three of them — the ones placed in Charlotte, Martin, and Sato — plus the “real” Dolores. Speaking with The Hollywood ReporterWestworld showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy explained why they decided to break the rules they set for themselves in the first seasons of the show in dealing with the theme of Dolores’s identity.

“We very carefully avoided the idea of clones and copies of hosts in the first couple of seasons,” Nolan said. “When you apply the idea that digital information wants to be free to your characters, it’s a very dangerous idea. If Dolores is infinitely copiable, then is she still Dolores? One of the ideas we’re most fascinated is identity, agency. Is Dolores a computer program? Or is Dolores a collection of her experiences?”

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Nolan then went on adding that the theme of identity will be the leitmotif of the Westworld Season 3. But eventually, one of the many copies of Dolores might rebel against the “original” one and put an end to her hubris. And showrunner Lisa Joy teased that this might happen sooner than later.

“Maybe it’s the ultimate act of hubris to say, ‘I’m going to make and populate the new world with me,'” she added. “On the other hand, if you’re about to engage in something very dangerous, there’s something quite selfless in saying, ‘Nobody gets hurt anymore except me.’ There are so many ways to interpret the action. We won’t understand Dolores’ motivations fully until later on.”

The next episode of Westworld, Episode 3.05 will air on HBO on April 12. What do you think about the big Dolores twist from the latest episode of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.