Jonathan Nolan Talks Westworld Season 3 Themes and Warworld

Westworld Season 3 will debut in just a few days with the new adventures of Dolores Abernathy. Now that she escaped from the nefarious theme-park, she will see how the real world looks. Speaking with Entertainment WeeklyWestworld showrunner Jonathan Nolan revealed some details about the next season. He didn’t say too much, but he opened up about the World War II-themed park called Warworld that fans will discover in the next season.

“One of the things we’ve enjoyed is finding things that would be culturally acceptable and titillating to an audience 30 or 40 years from now,” he said. “It’s hard to imagine, but maybe not so hard to imagine, that people would enjoy going on vacation in Italy in 1943, but we’re sticking to the idea that they probably will. We went back and forth between Warworld and the Spanish Civil War — we weren’t actually going to call it “Hemmingworld” but it was on the table.”

Nolan also spoke about Aaron Paul who will join the cast in the upcoming season of the show. According to Nolan, showrunners got the chance to “explore the world of the host” thanks to Paul’s character.

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The showrunner went on to add that this season will give some answers to the fans. And these answers might not be the ones they want to hear.

“I think a lot of us are wondering what the f— happens next,” Nolan added. “It’s clear we’re on some kind of ascent phase of the curve. Things are moving very quickly. There’s a global sense of unease. We’ve been talking from the first season about the moment data takes control, the moment the steering wheel starts kicking back in your hands and the algorithm has started driving. We’re there. The question of where this goes, I don’t think anyone has an answer. History has a mind of its own.”

Westworld Season 3 will debut on March 15. What do you expect from Westworld Season 3? Let us know your thoughts about the upcoming season in the comments section below.