David Harewood Teases Winn Schott’s Return to Supergirl

This Sunday, Jeremy Jordan is coming back to Supergirl as not one, but two versions of Winn Schott. The CW has already teased the series’ next episode with a few images of Winn wearing a superhero costume. However, viewers will also get to see Winn’s bad side when his evil counterpart arrives from an alternate Earth. David Harewood, who plays Hank Henshaw/J’onn J’onzz on the show, is directing the episode. And while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he explained how he and Jordan approached the dual nature of Winn’s return.

Harewood previously made his directorial debut on Supergirl with the fourth season episode “American Dreamer,” which aired last year. For his next turn behind the camera, he paid special attention to both of Jordan’s characters. Specifically, he wanted to make them as unique as possible.

“I’ve always respected Jeremy and respected his work,” said Harewood. “I’ve always respected his talent and his humor and how hard he works, so I knew he was going to really come out the gates. And because he was playing two roles, I wanted to make sure there was a distinct difference between the two of them. Speaking to each other a whole month before shooting, we were constantly in contact about it.”

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Supergirl fans know that Winn’s father was Winslow Schott Sr., a.k.a. the Toyman. And it sounds like Jordan and Harewood used this as a starting point to figure out how the alternate Winn would be portrayed.

“The Toyman, Jeremy had the idea that he was quite angry,” Harewood says. “I wanted to keep him entertaining because he wants people to like him and support him. It was important to me that we keep him appealing rather than angry. We played with that together to carve out a slightly different characterization between his returning future Legionnaire Winn, and I think we succeed in that.”

“Back From the Future – Part One” airs at 9pm on January 26 on The CW. Are you excited to see Jeremy Jordan’s evil Winn? Let us know in the comment section below!

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