Netflix Drops Altered Carbon Season 2 Teaser and Release Date

Fans of the hit sci-fi series Altered Carbon won’t have to wait much longer for the new season. Netflix has dropped the first teaser for Altered Carbon Season 2, along with a release date — February 27. The trailer doesn’t show any footage from the new season. But it does have us excited about the next chapter in Richard K. Morgan’s saga.

Although Joel Kinnaman played Takeshi Kovacs in season 1, Kovacs’ has a new body in season 2. Anthony Mackie, who portrays the Falcon in the MCU, is taking over as Kovacs.

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The story will revolve around Kovacs continuing his search for his lost love, Quellcrist Falconer, as played by Renee Elise Goldsberry. In season 2, Kovacs finds himself doing work on Harlan’s World in the hopes of finding Falconer. However, Kovacs is drawn into a murder case that may be linked with his own quest. Kovacs’ loyal A.I., Poe (Chris Conner), will also be by his side as they strive to uncover the truth beneath the lies.  

IGN also debuted the episode titles and the writers and directors for season 2.

  • 201 “Phantom Lady” – written by Laeta Kalogridis, directed by Ciaran Donnelly
  • 202 “Payment Deferred” – written by Sarah Nicole James, directed by Ciaran Donnelly
  • 203 “Nightmare Alley” – written by Michael R. Perry, directed by MJ Bassett
  • 204 “Shadow of a Doubt” – written by Sang Kyu Kim, directed by MJ Bassett
  • 205 “I Wake Up Screaming” – written by Cortney Norris, directed by Jeremy Webb
  • 206 “Bury Me Dead” – written by Adam Lash & Cori Uchida, directed by Jeremy Webb
  • 207 “Experiment Perilous” – written by Nevin Densham, directed by Salli Richardson-Whitfield
  • 208 “Broken Angels” – written by Alison Schapker & Elizabeth Padden, directed by Salli Richardson-Whitfield

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