HBO President Comments on Watchmen’s Possible Future

Watchmen definitely struck a chord with viewers, whether they were fans of the original graphic novel or not. The series received consistently glowing reviews and earned a top spot on many “Best of 2019” lists, but Creator Damon Lindelof has repeatedly said that he’s fine with the show lasting only one season. Surprisingly, HBO’s President of Programming Casey Bloys sounds willing to honor this wish.

Bloys (via Deadline) discussed the possibility of Watchmen getting another season during this week’s TCA, and he insisted that the ball is definitely in Lindelof’s court.

“It is really up to Damon at this point, he is thinking about what he wants to do,” said Bloys. “Truly, I don’t know at this point whether it is a returning drama series or a limited series. I think one of the things Damon did so brilliantly was, he opened up this entire world. So maybe there is another version with a whole new set of characters. I don’t know because Damon doesn’t know, and I’m talking his lead on this.”

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Watchmen obviously wasn’t the beginning of Lindelof’s relationship with HBO. He previously co-created The Leftovers, which was similarly well-received during its three-season run. Perhaps because of Lindelof’s proven track record, Bloys is trusting his judgment on this.

“If it’s a season two — great, if it’s a new take on the world — great,” added Bloys. “If it’s something else complexly, I’m just going take his lead.”

Bloys isn’t the first person to suggest that they wouldn’t do a second season without Lindelof’s involvement. Lead actress Regina King said as much not long after the series finale aired last month. However, she admitted that matching the quality of the first batch of episodes would be “really hard to do.”

What would you like to see in a potential second season of Watchmen? Let us know in the comment section below!

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