Watchmen VFX Reel Breaks Down the Show’s Most Memorable Scenes

HBO concluded its first (and possibly only) season of Watchmen, which makes this a perfect time to go back and take a look at how the series’ digital wizards crafted its assortment of stunning visuals. Now, HBO has dropped a new making-of featurette that reveals how much work went into developing several key scenes. And as a bonus, it eschews technical commentary in favor of selections from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ musical score.

The video examines scenes from the pilot episode all the way up to the finale. It also kicks off with a look at the show’s recreation of the Black Wall Street Massacre of 1921. Apparently, the performers acted in front of a green screen while buildings were added in post-production. Viewers will also see how the VFX team created the “squidfall” that happens later in the episode.

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Tim Blake Nelson’s Looking Glass is also prominently featured in the video. Although his mask definitely looked realistic, audiences may be surprised to learn that Nelson was actually wearing a motion-capture device on his head. This technology was also used to create the Phillips and Crookshanks clones during Adrian Veidt’s trial on Europa. As expected, the scene was actually filled with stand-ins adorned with tracking dots on their faces. With this, the VFX team could easily superimpose Tom Mison and Sara Vickers’ faces onto the actors’ bodies.

Also included are breakdowns of a few scenes that took place in Veidt’s Karnak fortress in Antarctica. Not surprisingly, the interior and exterior of the complex were completely digital creations, with countless statues adorning the hallways. Additionally, viewers get a better glimpse of something they may have missed during the final episode: a wide shot of Adrian filming his message to future President Robert Redford in 1985. Behind him is the infamous giant squid, encased in a glass tank and ready to be teleported to New York.

You can check out HBO’s new Watchmen featurette below, then tell us what you think in the comment section!

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