Moon Knight VFX Supervisor Breaks Down Dual Oscar Isaac Scenes

Moon Knight, the series, features a lot of visual effects trickery, from the night sky itself fast-rewinding to talking hippos and kaiju battles. But the toughest trick of all may be the one that appears the most basic: Oscar Isaac talking to himself. As both Marc Spector and Steven Grant, Isaac himself does much of the heavy lifting with his acting. But in numerous scenes, two of him become necessary required for the full dissociative interaction of personalities. And while he has a brother who looks similar, that doesn’t completely pass visual muster in the 4K age. In a new video from Marvel, Moon Knight VFX supervisor Sean Faden offers more insight on how the team pulled it off.

Essentially, the special effects team has to do a lot of pre-vis, compositing, and erasing. Isaac’s brother can double him for practice runs, and an earpiece allows him to hear his own lines as the other character. But halls of mirrors present enough of a challenge without making the reflections dubious as well. Throw in glowing wall hieroglyphics, and the difficulty keeps increasing.

Let Faden explain it, in the player below:

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We’ve come a long way from the old split-screen/body double days of David Hasselhoff playing Michael and Garth Knight together.

How well do you think the show pulled off its effects? Let us know in comments.

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