Jeff Lemire Provides an Update on the Black Hammer TV Series

Last fall, it was announced that Jeff Lemire was working with Legendary Entertainment on a TV adaptation of his ever-expanding Black Hammer universe.  Now, Lemire has offered an update on the project’s status on twitter. You can check out his messages below.

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Co-created by Lemire and artist Dean Ormston, Black Hammer made its debut via Dark Horse in 2016. It centers on a group of heroes whose origins and appearances are clearly inspired by Golden Age crimefighters. Following a battle with the gargantuan villain known as Anti-God, the heroes are transported to a town called Rockwood located in an alternate dimension. Ten years later, the story officially began.

By concentrating on world building, Lemire is also suggesting that the show’s progression will closely mirror the comic’s. The series has inspired a handful of spinoff titles since it launched, including books that focus on other heroes and villains. Additionally, Lemire noted that he’d like to get former Hellboy, Ron Perlman, to play Abraham Slam (pictured above) on the upcoming TV show:

Are you more excited for the Black Hammer TV series now that Lemire has completed the pilot script? Do you also think that Ron Perlman would make a good Abraham Slam? Let us know in the comment section below!

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